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Step Grandmother's Feet

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Step Grandmother's Feet
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Hi everyone, have just joined your forum and think it is great.
Just some backround before I share my experience,
I have had fascination with feet in nylon since early childhood,
too early to know when. I have always been turned on when women
slip their feet in and out of their shoes. I'm amazed I learned anything
in school, being 47 yrs of age my schooldays in the 60's and 70's
were a constant distraction of teachers playing with their shoes.
Anyway on with my story, which is 100% true. I was 15 yrs old
and at christmas, it was a kind of tradition that my parents and I
would spend Boxing day at my grandfathers house. He was in his late 60's
and as my grandmother had passed away before i was born, he had remarried
a woman considerably younger than himself. Her name was Eunice and I had
always called her aunt Eunice. She was quite attractive, around 45 at this time,
What attracted me most of all was her habit of slipping her feet in and out of her
shoes almost constantly, she always wore nylons and heels, which was the norm
at this time, mid 70's. Anyway this particular year my parents had to attend a xmas
function with my fathers work in the evening, so it was decided that I would spend
the night at my grandfathers and they would pick me up in the morning.My grandfather
went to the local pub around 6.00 so aunt Eunice and myself watched tv, she was sat in
an armchair and I was in what was known as my grandfathers chair. As we watched
she crossed her legs and as usual, off came the back of her shoe and it was hanging on her
toes. She was wearing tan coulor hose with brown heels, I was mesmerised by her shoedangling,
I dont know how long I was staring at her slipping on and off her heel but I suddenly became aware
that she was looking at me, I looked from her foot to her face and she just had a sort of slight smile
looking back at the tv, I could feel myself turning red and became aware of the bulge in my
tracksuit trousers, I moved the cushion onto my lap to try and cover it. Just then my grandad
returned from the pub, slightly worse for drink and informed me that I was in "his" chair. As the
couch was covered in xmas presents, aunt Eunice said that I could sit on the floor in front of her chair.
She moved her legs to the side and I sat with my back against her chair to watch tv. No sooner had
I sat down on the right hand side of her legs, she crossed them left over right which put her foot,
about level with my face. I couldn't take my eyes off her foot as she twirled her ankle constantly
then, as I knew would happen, the shoe started to slip from her heel. I still had the cushion on my lap
to cover my now rock hard cock. Her shoe was hanging about 6 ins from my face and as she was behind
me, I could stare at her foot unnoticed, I kept edging slowly to the left, not really knowing what I was
trying to achieve, her foot was so close to my face now, I could feel the heat from her stockinged foot
on the side of my face and hear the leather shoe shoe rasping against the nylon as she kept slipping
the back of her shoe on and off her foot. By now he had fallen asleep and was snoring quiet heavily,
I must have leaned a little to close as I was trying to catch the smell of her foot because her foot
suddenly grazed the side of my face. I jumped as she suddenly said "that's it I've had enough"
I panicked thinking I was caught, she stood up and said, "i can't stand this snoring" She woke him and told him to go to bed, as he was a little unsteady she helped him up the stairs. I was still shaking a lttle when she came back down, however she said nothing and sat back down and recrossed her legs as before.
I tried so just stare at the tv, but the sound of her shoe slipping off goy mt attention again, her foot was so close to my face now I could smell the leather and nylon, then it happened again, her foot was lightly grazing my face as it moved up and down. I was shaking like a leaf when I noticed the her other foot on the floor, she had raised her heel out of the shoe and pulled her foot halfway out, I wanted to touch her foot
so much, I moved my hand behind the heel of her shoe and lifted my finger until it was lightly resting against the bottom of her foot. By now I was in such a state my cock was jumping about under the cushion.
Suddenly she slid the bottom foot right back out of her shoe onto my hand, her other foot twisted at the ankle dropping the shoe and she started rubbing the sole of her stockinged foot firmly all over my face.
I lost control and grabbed her foot and pressed it to my face, rubbing and sniffing the warm moist nylon.
I was mumbling against her foot, that I loved her feet when she said "I know you do my love, just relax"
She swung her leg over me, so I was sat between her legs with my back to her and started rubbing both feet up and down my thighs. She pushed her feet under the waistband of my tracksuit and lifted it 'till my cock sprang out. I felt her slide forward in the chair until her crotch was pressed against the back of my head
her thighs rubbing against both sides of my face. I will never forget looking down and seeing her grip my cock between her tan nylon feet, she wound her fingers in my hair and started rubbing her feet up and down the length of it, then she said"It's okay honey, just let it go between my feet" that was it, my body started jerking and I sprayed cum all over my stomache and her feet. As I was coming down from my orgasm,
I felt her grip on my hair tighten as she started rubbing herself faster against the back of my head, she crossed her ankles on top of my stomache and pulled my head right back against her crotch, rubbing faster and faster, she started moaning" don't move don't move, OH beep I'M CUMMIMG" her feet shot straight out and her thighs clamped against the sides of my head, I couldnt hear anymore, I just kept rubbing her stockinged legs till her jerking against my head stopped. As her legs relaxed I started saying that I loved her. She just said It's ok, this is our secret, " I think you should go to bed now" I was so confused and exited ,I I just went to bed, the next morning she woke me with a cup of tea and reminded me that it had to be "our secret" After my parents took me home I found her pantyhose in my jacket pocket, I would like to say that there were more encounters but it never happened again although she would smile when she saw me looking if she played with her shoe. Anyway 32 years later, Aunt Eunice has sadly long since past away
but I will never forget her. Also I really do still have the hose. Sorry if this is not as well written as some of the stories here but it is the truth and I wanted to share it with some like minde people. Bye for now. Credit to uknylonfoot
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Uncle Bob
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Cool Hello UKnylonfoot, That was a very good story, I enjoied it very much,an KNOW very WELL how grandma feet smell Smile. From when I was a child growing up. Wink

I love to check-out a nice pair of hose clad legs!!!
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Thanks for sharing

I would open up with her alot more.
She picked up on the fact that you like her feet and SHE turned around while giving you a bj. You know why 626 people didnt reply, because they are jealous Keep it up man And let us know other stuff that happens.

Ok I must ask, What is she doing in that second picture??
Is she really holding up the camera for us to see her feet?

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My favourite pantyhose stories have a little incest in them.............nice
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